An advanced turnkey maritime surveillance system for the Philippines Navy to fight against crime:

Sulu-Sulawesi, found in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia is a high-risk zone. The Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea are subject to counterfeit goods, piracy and kidnapping. The Philippines Navy want to put a stop to crime by installing surveillance systems that will allow them to control the area. They chose TZ Coastal Monitoring to be the surveillance system to take care of controlling the Sulu Sea.

With technical support from the TIMEZERO team, the company Scan Marine Inc. took care of the on-site installation. The company is specialized in the sale and integration of equipment for the maritime industry: merchant ships, exploratory ships, government agencies, coast guard and military organizations.

Scan Marine Inc. deployed the TZ Coastal Monitoring solution strategically across six zones: Pangutaran Island, Tongkil Island, Pandami Island, Taganet, Bongao Island and Zamboanga City. Each site is equipped with either a Furuno X band 2167 radar or a Furuno FAR 2127 radar. A Remote Access module was installed for Zamboanga City so that AIS/ARPA targets could be visualized and then have commands transferred along to other sites.

Even with 6 installations across this dangerous zone, the project is still in its infancy and new monitoring stations will be put in place in the near future. TZ Coastal Monitoring and the joint service of TIMEZERO and Scan Marine have provided a solution to meet the demanding needs of the Philippines Navy.

TZ Coastal Monitoring installations in the Philippines

The installation made in the Philippines includes the following equipment:

Pangutaran Island: 1 TZ CM 2 radar (X band 2167 DS and S band 2127)

Tongkil Island: 1 TZ CM 1 radar (FAR 2127)

Pandami Island: 1 TZ CM 1 radar (FAR 2127)

Taganet: 1 TZ CM 2 radar (X band 2167 DS and S band 2127)

Bongao Island: 1 TZ CM 2 radar (X band 2167 DS and S band 2127)

Download “2017, the real beginning of TZ Coastal Monitoring” PDF: