In order to connect 4 VHF to TZ Coastal Monitoring an external sound card will be required.

TZ Coastal Monitoring will be able to record all the VHF communications (Record and Replay module required).

The intuitive user interface offers a very easy way to go back in time in order to analyze all vessels movements and the related VHF communications together with boat movements, Radar Pictures and Videos.

Radio Direction Finder compatibility

TZ Coastal Monitoring supports Rhotheta RT-800, RT-500M, and RT-300 hardware ($PRHO,xx,DFSTD and $PRHO,xx,DFVTS sentences).
It allows displaying real-time bearing lines with dedicated NavData (showing bearing, frequency, channel, and Signal Level) and handling “ELT-Plb” and “Sarsat” alarms.
Transmit all Bearing Lines via the TZ Host to combine multiple sites and automatically triangulate position in case of an “ELT-Plb” or “Sarsat” alarm is triggered (MOB mark automatically created and updated).