Signet Group

Brice Pryszo, founder and President of SigNet Group, first developed weather routing software in 1984, based on isochrones method. In 1985, Brice Pryszo co-founded MaxSea International. From that time MaxSea has pioneered a long list of innovations; the first seamless chart display, the first weather forecast file received onboard, invention of the personal bathy generator and 3D bathymetric display, and more.

Today, as the world leader in marine navigation software, our software is available in 16 languages, equipping 95,000 vessels around the world

SigNet group is now made of 4 companies located in France, USA and Spain (MaxSea International SAS, MapMedia SAS, Nobeltec Inc and MaxSea Naval S.L)

Since 2007, our technical and financial partnership with Furuno, the World Leader in Marine Electronics, has allowed us to expand our product range to the maritime safety industry.

TZ Coastal Monitoring was released in 2012 and is now used on hundreds of sites worldwide.

The IALA Council has accepted our application for Industrial membership submitted on 4 December with effect from 1st January 2022.

TZ Coastal Monitoring

TZ Coastal Monitoring is the first true turnkey solution for Maritime Surveillance. When selecting a technical solution, customers always have to face the same question: BUILD or BUY?

Do you have to manage an infrastructure/business with limited human and financial resources?

Are you looking for a solution with the following specifications?

  • Easy to Use
  • Quick to implement
  • Low maintenance cost

All this at the best value for money?

The answer to all these questions is TZ Coastal Monitoring


Most Coastal Management processes can be supported by off-the-shelf system packages. These ready-made packages provide you with the advantages of a standard system that covers most business requirements at a fraction of what it would cost to have such a system custom-developed for you.

Proven reliability

In addition, you also benefit from a system that has been tried and tested by other companies similar to your own. As a result, you avoid the typical problems that are encountered when new systems are implemented that have been specifically developed for your needs.

Experienced partners

We offer robust solutions through Furuno, the strongest marine electronics distribution network in the world. This is coupled with years of experience in application implementation based on our advanced technological knowledge. Our technical and financial partnership with the Furuno group means that our professionalism and reliability are guaranteed.


The standard system that we offer can in many cases, be configured to better meet your specific needs.


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