Camera compatibilities

TZ Coastal Monitoring offers the possibility connect up to 12 cameras on the same work station. Integrating a camera offers the possibility to receive additional information to the one received from the Radar and the AIS by enabling the visual identification of the target.

Types of Cameras

AXIS Q6044-C

AXIS Q6044-C is an exterior camera with a PTZ dome that is reliable in extreme environments. Its HDTV 720p resolution and its optic zoom x30 enables this PTZ dome camera to cover exceptional extended areas and the autofocus provides extremely detailed views.

It offers the possibility (day vision only) to identify small vessels up to 6.000m.

FLIR M-Series

FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging infrared.

Packaged in a small, ultra-compact gimbal, it is designed for the most demanding maritime applications. The FLIR M-Series is a perfect tool for night-time, shipboard security, man overboard situations, anti-piracy and many other applications. The FLIR M-Series is the standard for maritime thermal imaging systems against which all others are compared.

The FLIR M-series combines a thermal image camera with a high sensitivity camera. It offers excellent thermal images, with a high clarity, in total obscurity, fog or smoke.

M-612 M-625L M-625XP M-324L M-324XP M-618CS M400/400XR
Human detection (1.8 m × 0.5 m) 1,240 m 820 m 820 m 450 m 450 m 1,300 m 2,450 m
Small boat detection (2.3 m × 2.3 m) 3,200 m 2,200 m 2,200 m 1,300 m 1,300 m 3,900 m 6,000 m

Camera features in TZ Coastal monitoring

The alarm features in TZ Coastal Monitoring offers the possibility to automatically track targets that are within a small distance and clarify their status.

For example, when an ARPA/AIS target enters or leaves a specific area, TZ Coastal Monitoring will automatically center the camera on the target and will keep track of its movements until it is manually acknowledged.

Augmented reality:

TZ Coastal Monitoring offers the possibility to merge in real time video inputs with inputs coming from other sensors (ex: AIS). Different information can then be overlaid in real time on the video image (Heading, Speed, MMSI, etc.).

TZ Coastal Monitoring is compatible with AXIS IP Cameras (fixed or PTZ), AXIS IP converters (single or quad converters), FLIR Cameras (M-Series and PT-Series), Pelco-D cameras, fixed H264 Cameras, and ONVIF Cameras.

Access TZ Coastal Monitoring manual here.