It is very easy to draw a boundary of the area to monitor and assign a specific behavior that triggers a notification. A rule can be the following:

  • Target Enters the area
  • Target Exits the area
  • Target Stops in the area
  • Target Restarts from the area
  • Define acceptable speed limits and assign it to the area

In the event of an alarm, operators can simply click from the alarm list to acknowledge it.

Network I/O integration with SeaLevel 110E/120E : 4 Outputs (Relay) and 4 Inputs (Digital):

  • Rules can trigger external relay (ON, OFF, Toggle, Temporary ON, Temporary OFF)
  • NavData can be configured to control external relay and monitor input status
  • Input can be configured to trigger action (using the Shortcuts Framework)
  • Input can be configured to trigger an Alarm or Notification

The notification is also fully customizable. Here are some examples:

Our open alarm management allows the use of custom scripts. Here is an example used for fish farms theft: when a boat enters in a forbidden area at night, lights are automatically turned on!