Key features of the project developed for the Portuguese Navy

To control both strategically important zones and protected zones, the Portuguese government wanted to put in place a surveillance system along its coast and along certain islands: the Azores and Madera. The company SEATEC proposed TZ Coastal Monitoring as the best solution that would be able to fit their needs.

For this project, the key features most used are radar, AIS, ARPA, alarms and video surveillance. On one of the islands, where internet is not available, the record and replay module comes in very handy by allowing up to one month of data to be recorded.

In constant development, these installations now make up a dozen stations deployed throughout Portuguese territory. The TIMEZERO team also provide technical support to ensure the configuration and integration of tools, as well as on-site training.

TZ Coastal Monitoring installations along Portugal, Azores and Madera islands

The installation made in Portugal includes the following equipment:

  • 7 TZ CM 1 radar

  • 9 TZ CM 1 radar + Record & Replay

  • 7 TZ CM Remote

Download “2017, the real beginning of TZ Coastal Monitoring” PDF: