Key features of the project developed for Port Otago

To monitor boat traffic in and around the port, Port Otago needed an updated VTS system that would provide them with high quality cameras and automatic target tracking. Our local dealer Marintec recommended TZ Coastal Monitoring and they have been very happy with the results.

The main functions used are radar and AIS combined with automatic camera tracking. These functions allow the port operators to track any activity in and around the port and alert pilots of other boats even if they are out of their field of vision. The record and replay function is also used occasionally to investigate incidents.

Now that the solution is serving its intended purpose, the TIMEZERO team remains constantly available to provide support to the Port Otago operators in the case of an issue. This is in addition to the onsite training that was conducted at the time of the installation.

TZ Coastal Monitoring installation in Port Otago, New Zealand

The installation in Port Otago includes the following elements:

  • 1 Furuno DRS25A radar

  • 2 Comar and Seaviewer AIS receivers

  • 3 PTZ Axis cameras

  • 1 TZ CM computer station

Download “2017, the real beginning of TZ Coastal Monitoring” PDF: