Key features of the project developed for SAIPEM in Mozambique

To counter existing piracy threats in Mozambique, SAIPEM wanted an intuitive and modern system that could effectively monitor the oil rig’s surroundings and identify potential incoming threats. It was crucial for them to receive an installation that would provide them with real-time 360° visibility around the infrastructure.

The essential features for this operation are the Radar combined with automatic camera tracking. In fact, they allow the operator to get a clear view on any approaching vessel almost instantly. That way the security team is always prepared well in advance. The radar is able to alert operators of an incoming threat before it enters the line of sight of the camera. As soon as the object enters the camera range, the camera will automatically focus and zoom-in giving a clear view of the approaching vessel.

Now that the solution is well installed and helping keep the rig safe, the TIMEZERO team remains available for the operators should they need any technical assistance. This comes as a bonus to the on-site training that was given when the installation was completed.

TZ Coastal Monitoring installation in for SAIPEM in Mozambique

The installation made in Mozambique includes the following equipment:

2 FURUNO FAR-2xx8 series Radars

6 FLIR M625CS Cameras

2 sets of VHF

Industrial type PC

Retractable monitor

Download “2017, the real beginning of TZ Coastal Monitoring” PDF: