Key features of the project developed for Lake Pontchartrain

To monitor and track vessel traffic on Lake Pontchartrain from two drawbridge locations and one remote Command & Control Center, operators were in need of an intuitive system that could be controlled remotely. This lake is a vital thruway and it is crucial to have it equipped with an effective monitoring solution so that all stations can coordinate their surveillance efforts.

The features essential to this installation are the Radar, AIS and Camera tracking. The Radars and Cameras work together to help operators be aware of vessels before they reach their line of sight while the AIS receivers help them identify the vessel type and vessel name. These complementary tools are essential to the smooth operation of this important passageway. The record and replay function also plays a major role, in fact thanks to this capability, operators can review any situation after it has happened in order to identify the cause of accidents for example.

Now that TZ Coastal Monitoring is operational in this location, the TIMEZERO team remains available if any technical assistance is needed. This comes in addition to the training session that was offered upon installation.

TZ Coastal Monitoring installation on Lake Pontchartrain

The installation on Lake Pontchartrain includes the following elements:

  • 2 FURUNO FAR-2127BB Radars

  • 2 VIS-IR Cameras

  • 1 AIS-VHF Antenna

  • 1 GPS Sensor

  • 2 double monitor PC stations and one single monitor PC station

Download “2017, the real beginning of TZ Coastal Monitoring” PDF: