Key features of the project developed for the Port of Mombosa, Kenya

To prevent and monitor drug trafficking around Port Mombosa in Kenya, Kenya and the US Navy needed an effective coastal surveillance solution capable of rapidly identifying suspicious vessels. Thanks to TZ Coastal Monitoring, they are now equipped with an intuitive solution that gives them a high level of surveillance capability and more importantly, a solution that can be sustained with limited US support.

The essential features for this operation are the Radar combined with automatic camera tracking. This capability allows the operators to be alerted in real-time of a boat entering the zone while having a clear visual of the vessel. Thanks to this, they can react quickly to any incoming threat. The Record and Replay function is also crucial as any incident or suspicious event can be reviewed later for investigation.

Now that the solution is well installed and helping keep the rig safe, the TIMEZERO team remains available for the operators should they need any technical assistance. Plans for the future include the implementation of TZ Coastal Monitoring in another port in the area to create an even wider surveillance network.

TZ Coastal Monitoring installation in Kenya

The installation in the port of Mombosa includes the following elements:

2 FURUNO 25kw 2127 Radars

1 PTZ Axis Q6405 Camera

1 AIS Receiver

2 TIMEZERO and SeaVision displays

2 Planning Displays

Download “2017, the real beginning of TZ Coastal Monitoring” PDF: